Pest Inspection Reports Mount Archer

Pest Inspection Reports

Pest inspection is a frequent service conducted on both residential and commercial building in Mount Archer.  The building inspection assists in pest control and methods to curb the infestation.  Pest infestation at work or home can be a threat to our health and building safety.

Pest inspections identifies on time the parts of the building that have been destroyed by termites.  Pests that are commonly at home or workplace are redbugs, mice, ants, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, bees, fleas, spiders, ticks, etc.  Mount Archer inspectors use various methods to detect, control and eliminate pests especially those that pose serious threats to our health.  They also use long term solutions that protect building occupants from future attacks.

Mount Archer pest inspectors install cost saving physical and chemical pest barriers during new building construction or renovation in Mount Archer.  Most building inspections offer pest inspection, protection and control.

Types of Pest Inspections

  1. Pre-purchase inspection – Building council in Mount Archer stresses the inspection to be conducted before purchase of a building by qualified and licensed inspectors.
  2. Pre-sale inspection - In Mount Archer, building on sale is done pest inspection to check whether there is any issue that may affect the value and safety of the building.
  3. Property maintenance - Mount Archer pest inspectors give advice to the property owner on how to avoid future pest attacks and maintain building safety.
  4. Building construction stages – The inspectors are part of the constructions team to provide advice and ways to curb pests and termite invasion.

Benefits of Pest Inspections

  1. Pest inspection helps to detect and identify all parts or elements of the building attacked on time. This saves money and time.
  2. Promotes personal health safety.
  3. Helps in ensuring food safety and security from pest and rodents.
  4. Pest free building protects your image.


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Pest Inspection Reports 

When it comes to property inspections, it is always best to choose a local professional to provide you a residential or Commercial Building Report. The reason for this is that a local inspector will be more aware of local conditions and local government rules for your property. So let us find you the right person for your Building / Property Inspection today. Just call the number listed above or leave us an enquiry form and you will be contacted ASAP.


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